Optional Travel Insurance

Package prices do not include travel insurance. All travelers should verify that their existing health insurance provides coverage while traveling internationally.

Travel insurance, while optional, is strongly recommended by Seawind Tours & Travel, Inc. A comprehensive travel insurance policy should include medical and emergency coverage, as well as cancelation coverage. There are many travel insurance providers with a variety of offerings and Seawind Tours & Travel, Inc. has chosen Travelex Insurance Services as our preferred travel insurance provider. Travelex offers, both, post-departure and pre-departure travel insurance policies. Post-departure travel insurance covers incidents that occur once a trip has started and pre-departure travel insurance covers incidents that occur prior to the commencement of a trip (pre-departure coverage begins when the policy is purchased).

Pre-departure travel insurance includes coverage for trip cancellation and trip interruption. Post-departure coverage does NOT include trip cancellation and trip interruption. Additionally, pre-existing medical condition waivers are only available with pre-departure coverage. Post-departure coverage is $37.00 per-person. The chart, below, lists the premiums associated with pre-departure travel insurance, based on the trip cost insured.

Please note: Travel insurance must be accepted or declined when registering.

For more information, please call Seawind Tours & Travel, Inc. at (808) 949-4144.