Jan 24, Thursday Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   Embark PM
Jan 25, Friday Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   6:00 PM
Jan 26, Saturday Buzios, Brazil 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
Jan 27, Sunday Ilhabela, Brazil 9:00 AM 7:00 PM
Jan 28, Monday -
Jan 29, Tuesday
Cruising the coast of Brazil    
Jan 30, Wednesday Punta del Este, Uruguay 8:00 AM  
Jan 31, Thursday Punta del Este, Uruguay   6:00 PM
Feb 01, Friday Montevideo, Uruguay 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
Feb 02, Saturday Buenos Aires, Argentina 8:00 AM  
Feb 03, Sunday Buenos Aires, Argentina Debark PM  
*Arrival and departure times for this port will depend on tidal restrictions

*Shore excursions have been designed with culinary culture and full of flavour*

Jan 24, Thursday - Jan 25, Friday

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Vibrant Rio lies cradled in the outstretched arms of the Christ the Redeemer Statue, which stands atop Corcovado Mountain. At the feet of this magnificent landmark lies one of the world's most magnificent bays. Golden beaches with such alluring names as Copacabana and Ipanema stretch as far as the eye can see. There are close to two dozen such bays, which serve as a playground for some of the world's most beautiful people. All along this waterfront, which swirls with mosaic art, are five-star hotels, elegant shops, popular restaurants and a lifestyle to match. Winding its way along this magnificent mile or so is a constant parade of handsome Cariocas, as the local people are known.

Jan 26, Saturday

Buzios, Brazil

Just north of Rio de Janeiro, this charming fishing village welcomes you with splendid beaches and year-round summer temperatures. Visitors can drink up the sun, explore the lush landscape, find bargains in the world-class boutiques, and snap a photograph with Bridget Bardot. Not the real one, of course. The French superstar put Buzios on the map when she visited the town at the height of her fame, and now locals and travelers alike come to sit on the lap of the Bridget Bardot statue, situated on the Orla Bardot.

Jan 27, Sunday
Ilhabela, Brazil

Sitting in the Atlantic Ocean 127 miles from São Paulo and 210 miles from Rio de Janeiro, the Ilhabela archipelago presents an antidote to the busy streets and pulsating nightlife of South America. Attempts have been made to wrangle the wild islands of Ilhabela (Portuguese for “Beautiful Island—) into some semblance of domesticity by establishing coffee plantations. But the island pushed back, insisting it be appreciated for its dense jungle, volcanic peaks, gorgeous beaches and nearly 400 waterfalls. Scuba divers, sailors, hikers, birders and anyone with a hunger for an off-the-beaten-path experience have obliged, taking ferry trips to the isles, from where they often trek even farther to reach remote beaches accessible only by boat. The greater eco-community has recognized the archipelago as a natural treasure as well, setting aside 85% of the land as a park and UNESCO-protected biosphere.

Jan 28, Monday - Jan 29, Tuesday
Cruising the coast of Brazil

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Jan 30, Wednesday - Jan 31, Thursday
Punta del Este, Uruguay

An upscale playground for the rich and glamorous, Punta del Este is the South American vacation spot for anyone who's anyone. Exclusive luxury casinos, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs may be the lure for many visitors, but the resort city also offers plenty for those looking for simpler pleasures. Stroll through the heart of the city and you'll discover galleries, a popular handicraft market, colonial architecture, and the historic lighthouse. Sun worshipers can also enjoy over thirty miles of beaches stretched along the peninsula.

Feb 01, Friday

Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, South America's second-smallest country. Beyond urban limits, 90% of Uruguay's land is devoted to sheep and cattle grazing, as Montevideo is this nation's largest city. Legend tells us that its name originated from the words monte vide eu meaning "I see a mountain," exclaimed by an eager lookout when Magellan's fleet first arrived in 1520. Set in a picturesque location along the River Plate's shores, Montevideo evokes all the flavor of Spain with the massive masonry, hidden patios and palm-shaded plazas that are so reminiscent of that country. Attractions abound. Stroll wide boulevards and leafy parks, view imposing statuary or experience the thrill of an estancia visit.

Feb 02, Saturday
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, whose name means city of "favorable winds," is the capital of Argentina. With broad, well planned avenues, charming sidewalk cafés, carefully tended parks, elaborate monuments, noble statues and splendid rococo buildings, it exudes an air of sophisticated elegance. Until the 1880s, Buenos Aires was a mere village. However, it has now prospered into one of Latin America's most sophisticated centers, with a population of over 11 million. Buenos Aires has also frequently been dubbed the "Paris of the Southern Hemisphere," due to its superb restaurants, art galleries, museums and European-influenced architecture.

Feb 03, Sunday

Buenos Aires, Argentina (Disembark PM)